Mitch Albom’s S.A.Y. Detroit Radiothon

S.A.Y. Detroit is celebrating its 10th anniversary (founded in 2006)

-S.A.Y. Detroit a fully formed 501(c) (3) charity aimed at improving the lives of the neediest citizens, through shelter, food, medical care, volunteer efforts and education. 


-The four previous radiothons have raised over $2.6 million help the poor, the homeless, families without homes, children without medical care, students hoping to reach the college of their dreams and veterans who have hit hard times. 

-The day’s entertainment brings together all parties—the people who benefit from these charities, famous folks who wish to call attention to them, and people who wish to help

-Donors may call 855-955-GIVE (4483) or log on to to donate, purchase incentive items, or bid on auctions.