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Empowering Individuals to make Positive Change in their Communities

Singing for Change was created by Jimmy Buffett in 1995, and initially funded with contributions from his summer concert tour. Since then, Singing for Change (SFC Charitable Foundation, Inc., aka SFC) has offered competitive grants to progressive, non-profit organizations that address the root causes of social or environmental problems.

We are working on a strategic plan and shifting our mission a bit, but continue to be interested in projects that empower individuals to effect positive change in their communities. Most likely to be considered are organizations that keep their overhead low, include community members in planning, and collaborate with other groups to find innovative ways of solving common problems. SFC aims to advance the common good by empowering people to thrive, and to strengthen and sustain vibrant, diverse communities.

Recent News

Say Detroit
S.A.Y. Detroit is teaming up with Mitch Albom, Lions QB Matthew Stafford and the City of Detroit to repair and refurbish a closed rec center in Detroit to create the S.A.Y. Detroit Play Center. It will house a sports and academic program that serves the academic, social and physical fitness needs of under-served youth in Detroit. Academic facilities will include a library, tutoring center, and a music room built by Notes for Notes.
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Rural Advancement Foundation International
Despite farming being one of the most essential pieces of society, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for farmers to support themselves. RAFI USA has a vision that family farmers will have the power to earn a fair and dependable income AND that everyone who labors in agriculture will be respected, protected, and valued by society.
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Snack in a Backpack Wins Good Grains!
One month and four hundred and ninety six entries later, we are so excited to announce the winner of our “Good Grains for a Good Cause” project: Snack in a Backpack, from Fannin County, Georgia...
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Singing For Change and Globalbike Partner to Connect Communities
Singing for Change appreciates globalbike’s impact on many different sectors of a community. Globalbike’s donation of free bicycle transportation enables healthcare workers to reach more patients in less time.
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Harlem Students Dig Into Green Gardening Effort
Some fifth graders from Harlem have punched their ticket to the White House to show the First Lady how they transformed an abandoned, rat infested lot into a lush garden that provides healthy meals for their school lunch program. NY1's Cheryl Wills filed the following report.
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Who We Are

SFC Charitable Foundation, Inc., or "Singing for Change," is a private foundation established in 1995 by Jimmy Buffett, to reward the loyalty of friends, fans, and concert-goers around the country who supported his music career. Initially funded with contributions from Jimmy's 1995 summer tour, Singing for Change continues to receive one dollar from each concert ticket sold during his tours. (Yes...printed on the bottom of your tickets you may see the words "$1 to SFC Charitable Foundation" - that's us. And thanks for the contribution!) Funds raised during Jimmy's concert tour are redistributed each year in the form of grants to small, grassroots organizations located primarily in communities where he performs. Singing for Change has disbursed almost $9 million in grants in its 18-year history.

Much of our day-to-day work involves researching organizations that are making a difference in communities in the U.S. and abroad. Understanding the issues that affect children, families and our environment is essential in order for Singing for Change to act as an effective steward and partner to our friends in the nonprofit sector. We enjoy building relationships with the inspiring people whose programs receive grants, and make it a point to familiarize ourselves with their achievements and challenges. It's a pleasure to work alongside some of the most innovative, talented, hardworking people in the world. As Jimmy's tour progresses across the country each year we read proposals and award grants on a rolling basis, learning more about effective, progressive grantmaking as we grow.

Previous Grants

SFC offers competitive grants to progressive, community-based nonprofit organizations. Grants are awarded to programs that foster self sufficiency among individuals and promote positive change in a community.
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